You can now automate game testing through python3 as well.
Starting with gamium 2.0.0, python is officially supported. If you want to automate game testing through python, please refer to the code below.

import uuid
from gamium import *

gamium = GamiumClient("", 50061)
ui = gamium.ui()

def create_account():
    ret = ui.try_find(By.path("/Canvas[1]/Start[1]/DeleteAccountButton[1]"))
    if ret.success and (ret.value.try_wait_interactable()).success:"/Canvas[1]/Login[1]/Panel[1]/GuestLoginBtn[1]"))
    ui.set_text(By.path("/Canvas[1]/Register[1]/InputField[1]"), str(uuid.uuid4()))"/Canvas[1]/Register[1]/OkBtn[1]"))"/Canvas[1]/Start[1]/Desc[1]"))


The code above connects to the Gamium Engine, finds the delete account, create account buttons, etc., and creates an account.

How about this? It's simpler than you think, isn't it? For more information, please refer to the gamium introduction document and gamium github.