The test automation platform Dogu has been updated to version 1.11.0!🚀 In this update, the routine feature, which is one of the powerful test automation functionalities that allows you to define and seamlessly integrate your automated testing workflows with CI/CD, has received significant enhancements.

Dogu Technologies - Seamless Test Automation Platform
Revolutionize your testing workflow with our game and application test automation platform. Execute automated tests using Dogu and optimize your software quality assurance.

Routine is a core feature in Dogu that assist with test automation. Let's take a closer look at how it has been updated!😎

✨ Major updates in Routine

Support cross-browsing automation

When creating web-based products, it quickly becomes apparent that focusing on just one browser is not enough. Because of this, web developers often find themselves testing and developing across multiple browsers, or QA teams need to conduct tests in various browsers as well, which can negatively impact product productivity.

To address this challenge, Dogu has updated its routines to allow you to perform tests simultaneously across multiple browsers using a single web testing script. Dogu initially supports Chrome, Safari (macOS), Firefox, and Edge browsers. Worried that you don't have all the required browsers installed for testing? Don't fret! In Dogu, you can easily manage and run tests across these browsers without any hassle.

Dogu supports web testing through Selenium. You can write test scripts using Jest or Pytest and then review detailed results in the routine report.

A routine with 4 parallel web test jobs

* Mobile browsers will be supported in the next update.

Support mobile app test automation

Mobile apps are also a target for Dogu's automation testing. Script-based app test automation typically requires knowledge of Appium(ie. capabilieties...), but Dogu has reduced the learning curve by simplifying the automation process, making it easy to use.

Dogu allows you to perform Android and iOS app testing through Appium (WebdriverIO) within Routine. In the example test scripts, testing is performed using XPath for element identification. And in Dogu Studio, you can easily find XPath for elements within the app using the UI Inspector. You can create mobile app tests using Pytest or Jest and then review detailed test reports, including logs, CPU and memory usage and more, on a test-by-test basis, all available in the routine results page.

Running mobile app testing using Appium

Support game test automation

One of Dogu's strengths is its ability to automate game testing. Through Gamium, you can retrieve XPaths for elements within the game and write scripts using popular testing frameworks like Jest or Pytest. Furthermore, they can display test-specific statuses and results in routine reports including logs, CPU and memory usage, in-game FPS and more!

You can obtain the XPath for game elements either by using the UI Inspector feature in Dogu Studio or through GamiumEditor in the Unity Engine. For more details, please refer to the UI Inspector and GamiumEditor documentation.

Running game testing using Gamium

GUI Editor and Tutorial

With the routine update, we've also enhanced the GUI editor to improve UX. In the previous v1.10.0 update, we introduced the project template feature. In this update, the features available in the routine GUI editor will vary depending on the template you choose, and the tutorials have been updated to align with the selected template.

App and Game template(top) and Web template(bottom)

The updated GUI editor has been improved to make it easy to create basic test automation routines even if you're not familiar with YAML syntax.

Additionally, tutorials are provided for routines. To create a routine, you'll go through steps like Git integration and routine scripting before you can try running the routine. You can always revisit the tutorials on the routine page for guidance. With the help of these tutorials, you can implement test automation in Dogu in just a few minutes, alongside the provided examples!

Through routines, you can perform cross-browser testing and cross-platform testing simultaneously across multiple browsers or devices. Furthermore, routines exhibit their full potential when integrated with CI/CD tools. For detailed examples, please refer to the guide documentation!

✨ Dogu Studio live user session

Dogu includes the Dogu Studio feature, which allows you to stream and remotely control devices registered in the device farm. Now, a convenience feature has been added to Dogu Studio, enabling you to see which members are currently streaming the device.

Dogu Studio with members

Wrapped up

With this latest update, the routine feature, which allows you to perform test automation in practice, has been significantly enhanced, resulting in a substantial increase in Dogu's usability. Creating test routines with Dogu and integrating them with CI/CD to execute routines will undoubtedly boost both product productivity and quality.

Dogu Technologies - Seamless Test Automation Platform
Revolutionize your testing workflow with our game and application test automation platform. Execute automated tests using Dogu and optimize your software quality assurance.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out via email at, or consider joining our Dogu Slack Community where you'll find a warm welcome and support. We're always here to help!

Happy Testing!