We have released version 1.2.0 of the Dogu integrated web, app, and game testing automation platform! The following are the key features added and changed in this version:

  • Integration with Github and Gitlab (replacing Self-Gitlab)
  • Support for Appium
  • Support for Jest and PyTest
  • Project integration with Github and Gitlab

Integrate project with github and gitlab

Previously, Dogu included its own Gitlab server. However, this caused performance issues and made Dogu heavier. To address this, we have changed the approach to allow integration with existing Github and Gitlab accounts instead of hosting a Gitlab server internally.

You can integrate your projects with either Github or Gitlab.
When creating a routine in a Git-integrated project, you can import test scripts registered in Git.

Appium integration

Even if you set up a Device Farm, you could only use manual features such as Inspector and App Install. But now, you can integrate with Appium, which allows you to control devices in the Device Farm through test scripts. You can select a device from the Device Farm and execute tests remotely.

Appium | Dogu Documentation
Appium tests can be performed with devices in Dogu DeviceFarm through various clients.

Integration with Jest and PyTest for test reporting

You can now integrate Jest and PyTest with test reporting. By linking the test reporting with these test unit frameworks, you can visualize the results as follows:

Test Report | Dogu Documentation
Write test scripts and create routines, run the routines and provide a report of the test. The test report can be viewed by clicking Device Activity.

If you're curious about the upcoming version 1.3.0, please refer to the milestones below!

v 1.3.0 Milestone · dogu-team/dogu
Dogu is an integrated test automation platform. Includes device farm, workflow, test report features. - v 1.3.0 Milestone · dogu-team/dogu